OSB Automation is persistent about the energy efficiency and reliability of our customer's systems.  Utility dollars saved is money earned in the corporate world.  We offer a full line of BAS control products to meet every automation need that you may have.

As a proud Delta Controls partner, OSB Automation is capable of offering cutting edge enterprise grade BAS systems and facility controls.  Whether you a need chiller plant controls upgrade, VFD installation, HVAC zone controls, lighting controls or process controls, OSB Automation is a partner you can count on for the lifecycle of your equipment.  With a fully commissioned BAS control system installed by OSB Automation, we can realize the full potential and energy efficiency of your systems.

Our BAS systems are engineered with industry standard BACnet controllers and field devices.  Reliability, scalability and interoperability are our main goals when designing a BAS control system.  The OSB automation team has over 100 years of combined experience in BAS controls design and implementation.

The heart of all BAS systems is a user friendly graphical user interface in a frontend webserver.  OSB Automation specializes in providing these rich web platforms with either an on-premise server or our cloud hosted platform MyBAS.  By choosing a Delta Controls (MyBAS) frontend server, you will benefit from rich and fast HTML5 graphics tp be displayed on virtually any device imaginable, mobile phones, iPad, Android, Chrome, Windows, Linux, etc.

MyBAS monthly subscribers benefit by gaining access to a "High Available" cloud server that always has the latest server software version and licensing installed to backed up controller databases and fast access anywhere in the world remotely.

Energy Management Systems

Complete Building Automation Systems

Fire and Security Systems

Access Control and Lighting Automation

Open Source Native BacNet Controllers

Energy Dashboards and Web Control

True System Integration

Remote Access and Automated Backups

24/7/365 Emergency Service

Energy Audit Analysis

Life-cycle and Payback Analysis

Design/Build Contracting

Value Engineering and Cost Analysis

Pre and Post Construction Services

Service Legacy Systems

Automation of All Types of Equipment

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